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Welcome to the website of 1st Brookwood Scouts.

1st Brookwood Scouts is a Scout Group in the village of Broookwood that is located in the District of Woking. The Village of Brookwood has grown up between the Basingstoke Canal and the mainline railway line from London Waterloo and the South West, the line serves both the Alton and Basingstoke (and beyond) lines.

The Scout Group consists of the three youngest sections (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts) and is supported by an Executive Commitee and the GSL and his team. The group currently has a youth membership of in excess of 80 boys and girls aged between the age of 6 and 14.

Use the links below to find more about each of the 3 sections. If you want to join one of the sections more information can be found within the sections pages. If you want to become a leader then please contact our GSL via the GSL pages.


Beaver Section Pages

Providing Scouting for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 8. Each of our Beavers aim is to complete their Chief Scout Bronze Award by completing a number of Challenge Awards that they complete as part of their weekly program.

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Cub Section Pages


Cubs are for both boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 10.5. Like the Beavers the Cubs main aim is to complete the Chief Scout Silver award through their weekly program.

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Scout Section Pages

Brookwoods highest section (and the Scout Associations middle section) caters for 10.5 to 14 year old boys and girls that are aiming to complete their Chief Scout Gold award through both their weekly program and also as part of their spare time.

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Group Scout Leader Pages

The GSL and his team support each of the 3 sections leaders. The GSL is appointed by the DC of Woking District.

To contact our GSL or one of his assistants about becoming a leader or helping out in another way.


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Executve Commitee Pages

The group executive commitee are responsible for the financial running of the Group and ensuring that the sections can carry out their desired program.

The Exec are always looking for people to help them organise various fundraising events. Please use the link on the left to find out who does what etc.




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